Looking for that perfect business niche?

Our boutique photo booth hire business has proven to be a huge success. We’re now inviting one Bristol based individual to join us as we continue to grow our business further.

The Beauty Of A Photo Booth Business...

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs will generally assess a startup ideas attractiveness based on how much money it will make them. While money is an incredibly important factor (no one wants to work for free!), it’s also important to consider the lifestyle that you’re investing into as well, this is where we believe that the photo booth industry really comes into a league of its own. 

Part Time Hours

With the majority of events taking place on Friday & Saturday evenings you will find you have plenty of free time between bookings, utilise this time marketing or take a few days off.

Never A Dull Moment

The type of clients our booths attract host some spectacular parties. You will be in amongst the atmosphere, interacting with guests and enjoying the nights entertainment.

Attractive ROI

Last quarter our average deal value was £447. After all your expenses you will clear an average profit of £225 from each 3 hour event you attend. That's almost 50% profit!

Low Risk

Most startup ventures require you to quit your job and risk everything to push the new business. The limited hours required to run a photo booth mean that you can keep the day job if required.

Our Proposal

Earlier this year we decided that to expand and develop our business further, we needed to outsource various duties to ensure we continue to deliver quality as we scale. The outcome of this decision is that moving forwards, we will no longer own the booths that we hire. We have decided to sell our Bristol based booths to select individuals who will be responsible for managing and attending bookings. The bookings will continue to be generated through our prominent brand, we will work together to deliver an exceptional service, sharing the workload and the profit in the process.

The Opportunity

We have just one position left to invite a Bristol resident into our circle. This is a unique chance to join an established business that has already been through the turbulent startup phase. You will become the owner of a beautiful retro photo booth, receive all the relevant training, ongoing support and will be set to start earning money from your first day. 

So, let's talk money...

Whether you're looking to completely escape your day job, or searching for an additional income stream; we're confident that a partnership with Booth Nineteen won't disappoint.

A Welcome Gift

From the moment we shake hands, you will instantly inherit over £5000 worth of photo booth bookings scheduled for 2018.

Constant Bookings

Our refined marketing generates a consistent stream of bookings. Depending on the season, expect to receive between 3-10 events monthly.

Healthy ROI

For every 3 hour booking you attend, after expenses you can expect to walk away with an average profit of £225. Almost 50% profit in total!

Favorable Contract

Worried that this sounds a little too good to be true? We've created a contract that promises a minimum of 40 bookings within 12 months.

is this for you?

We’re looking for someone that enjoys being in a party environment and that is comfortable interacting with people from all backgrounds. Good organisational qualities are also highly desirable, this helps to make everyones role within the company easier. Honestly though, as long as you’re willing to learn we can teach you many of the desirable attributes that compliment this position.

The Last Chance

After announcing our business restructure to our existing team, all but one booth & territory was snapped up by ex-employees.

Business couldn't get any simpler.

We generate the lead, close the deal & arrange all of the details; you just have to turn up with the booth and deliver an exceptional service.
classic photo booth with model posing

Our service is truly unique.

Every business requires a unique selling point to survive - Booth Nineteen claims its clear market niche with our distinct Art Deco theme. With the majority of the bookings we attend taking place in beautiful dated wedding venues, our brands vintage tone is perfectly suited to the market.

Open Air Booths

Unlike a conventional photo booth, you will notice that our booth has no walls. This style of setup allows for more people to fit in a photo, perfect for those big family wedding shots.

marketing & sales

Our HQ will generate you a constant stream of bookings for you to attend with your Classic Photo Booth. For those with the spare time and energy, there is also a chance for you to generate more business independently using our sales techniques & strategies. To encourage you further we offer attractive financial incentives to motivate you to spend some time marketing your booth – the choice is yours though!

"Putting down £3500 as a deposit was a lot of money but having done this job for over a year I know how lucrative the job is financially especially considering how little of my time it takes up. The number of events I've been offered has essentially already paid of the whole cost of buying the booth and so all events after that are now profit. The role itself is great as its very sociable and fun. I'm glad I took the plunge and brought the photo booth!"
Soba Faris
New owner of The Gatsby Booth

Meet The Classic

Upon joining our new partnership, you will become the owner of one of the UK’s most beautiful photo booths.

Striking Design

The classic's unique design promises to earn compliments at any event. While it's vintage inspired theme adds a touch of nostalgia to the party.

Latest Tech

The Classic captures photos using a DSLR camera and then prints them instantly. The images are then stored on a hard drive, ready for the client to share.

Beautiful Finish

Crafted from walnut by a very talented frenchman, guests can't help but stroke The Classic's elegant exterior. A beautiful piece of artwork by any standards.

Light Weight

The booth breaks down into four manageable pieces that are simple to transport. These then fit comfortably into the rear space of most vehicles.

The Deal.

We're not looking to simply sell our booth & territory to the highest bidder, we want a long term partner to help our brand reach its full potential. In order to create a large pool of applicants, we're requesting a reasonable price for this opportunity (the booth is worth the price tag alone). Further still, wanting to make this position as accessible as possible, for the right person we will also offer up to 50% finance on the advertised price.

The Investment

£ 6900
  • Beautiful Vintage Themed Photo Booth
  • All The Kit Required To Attend An Event
  • Exclusive Service Territory (Bristol area)
  • Business Infrastructure (softwares etc)
  • Access To All Our Suppliers & Contacts
  • Essentials Training (Business & Booth)
  • Exclusive Access To Marketing Leads
  • Personal Web Page + Business Email
  • £5000+ Of Existing Bookings In 2018
  • Our Continuous Support & Mentorship

The Opportunity

Think that this could be for you? If you're based in Bristol and would like to apply please fill in the form below. We will be back in touch soon to begin the discussion.